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PhotoWorks is an image editing and graphic designing software that helps businesses utilize AI-based technology to enhance images based on photography genres. With the auto-correction tool, staff members can fix color balance, manage dynamic range, optimize exposure, remove digital noise, sharpen images and straighten tilted horizons.

PhotoWorks enables image editors to utilize the built-in beautifying effects to smoothen out skin texture, whiten teeth, and tweak facial features, such as lips, chin, nose and eyes. It allows photographers to use the slider drag to restore old images by removing scratches, rips, stains and battered edges. It also lets team members insert captions, create watermarks, superimpose logos, overlay clipart and add other elements across images.

PhotoWorks's artistic filters let professionals add vintage, black & white, HDR, color splash and other effects to optimize image editing processes. It also allows users to change backgrounds and remove elements and objects, such as specific people, power lines and shadows.


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Captura de pantalla de PhotoWorks: PhotoWorks color enhancements Captura de pantalla de PhotoWorks: PhotoWorks settings Captura de pantalla de PhotoWorks: PhotoWorks tools Captura de pantalla de PhotoWorks: PhotoWorks effects


Funcionalidades totales de PhotoWorks: 6

  • Arrastrar y soltar
  • Búsqueda/filtro
  • Compartir contenido
  • Edición de imágenes
  • Edición en tiempo real
  • Importación/Exportación de contenidos



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4 /5
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Asistencia al cliente

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Gerry P.
Calificación general
  • Sector: Música
  • Tamaño de la empresa: 2-10 empleados
  • Software usado A diario durante 1-5 meses
  • Fuente de la reseña

Calificación general

  • Relación calidad-precio
  • Facilidad de uso
  • Asistencia al cliente
  • Probabilidad de recomendación 9.0 /10

PhotoWorks - my thoughts

Revisado el 14/5/2021

Very user friendly, easy to learn, great tools and time savers

Very user friendly, easy to learn, great tools and time savers

Puntos a favor

I got Photoworks very recently and have used it quite a bit, since I had some important face swapping  photo work I needed to do. Photoworks is very user friendly and easy to figure out and the videos are extremely helpful.

I also have had GIMP a long time, which is a very complex graphics program. It's much more difficult to do the work on GIMP. I'm now using both programs together on my pics. 

GIMP can pretty much do anything, but it's very difficult to learn and I must say there are certain things on PhotoWorks that are incredible time savers that would take forever on GIMP like the photo touch up tools that can zero in on the face or the complete photo. You can very quickly try about 20 variations until you find the best one.

If you're looking for a program that's easy to learn and also powerful in certain features, PhotoWorks may be the best choice.


Can't save the workspace to continue on another day. No manual, only tutorials

Paolo P.
Calificación general
  • Sector: Banca
  • Tamaño de la empresa: 11-50 empleados
  • Software usado A diario durante 1-5 meses
  • Fuente de la reseña

Calificación general

  • Facilidad de uso
  • Probabilidad de recomendación 10.0 /10

Very simple to use

Revisado el 13/5/2021

Puntos a favor

very easy to use and to learn. The tutorials explain good how to use the software


Is very similar with the features of photoshop, everything is all right

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