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ManyCam is a video recording and webcam software designed to help businesses in the gaming, telehealth, and education sectors manage live streaming and broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube Live, or other platforms. It allows administrators to personalize videos using elements such as 3D masks, effects, and graphics and multiple video sources including pre-recorded sessions, images, computer screens, and webcams.

It provides a whiteboard, which allows team members to draw and handwrite on a virtual canvas, improving collaboration and engagement during online meetings. Meeting organizers can set up video presets with multiple video sources, save them and import/export presets into other projects. It also offers a chroma key compositing, which lets users remove backgrounds from videos, images, and other sources at the time of sharing.

Other features include NDI source support, game streaming, automated bitrate adjustments, RTMP streaming, motion detection, screencasting, 4K Video Support, and more. Users can also add a lower third overlay to include name, title, and other specifications during broadcasting.

Precios desde:

39,00 US$/año

  • Versión gratuita
  • Prueba gratis
  • Suscripción

Las 5 mejores alternativas a ManyCam


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Precios desde:

39,00 US$/año

  • Versión gratuita
  • Prueba gratis
  • Suscripción

Las 5 mejores alternativas a ManyCam


ManyCam Software - 1
ManyCam Software - 2
ManyCam Software - 3
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ManyCam Software - 1 ManyCam Software - 2 ManyCam Software - 3


Funcionalidades totales de ManyCam: 4

  • Difusión en tiempo real
  • Streaming de presentación
  • Uso compartido de la pantalla
  • Videoconferencia


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ManyCam ofrece los siguientes planes de precios:

  • A partir de: 39,00 US$/año
  • Modelo de precios: Versión gratuita, Suscripción
  • Prueba gratis: No disponible

ManyCam is available on yearly subscriptions and one-time licenses. It starts at $39 per year for individuals and $149/year for businesses.

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ManyCam admite los siguientes dispositivos:

Android (móvil), iPhone (móvil), iPad (móvil)

ManyCam se integra con las siguientes aplicaciones:

Facebook for Business, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex

ManyCam ofrece las siguientes opciones de asistencia:

E-mail/Help Desk, Preguntas frecuentes/foro, Base de conocimientos

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