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SutiCRM is a web based CRM for businesses of all sizes, designed to automate sales, marketing and support processes, including a 360 degree view of customer data. By providing tools such as marketing campaign management, sales force automation, sales forecasting, activity management and social media engagement, SutiCRM aims to help businesses capture leads and gain insight into current customers.

Utilizing SutiCRM’s marketing campaign management tools, users can plan, organize and track multi-channel campaigns. Users are able to target specific customer segments through lead generation campaigns, as well as automate lead assignment to the appropriate sales team or person. In order to engage potential leads, SutiCRM also boasts a social CRM feature which enables real-time interaction with existing and potential customers, and allows users to sync with Twitter and Google Calendar to stay connected. SutiCRM provides sales force automation (SFA) to automate business tasks including lead management, lead assignment, territory management through customer segmentation, reports and sales quota management.

In addition to workflow automation tools, SutiCRM also provides features such as customizable quote generation, sales order generation, sales forecasting, customer profiling and service support. Using the service support function, businesses can keep track of problems encountered and create assignable tickets for team members to resolve. Resolved problems can be published to the knowledge base to provide a repository of common or severe issue resolutions.

Precios desde:

10,00 US$/mes

  • Versión gratuita
  • Prueba gratis
  • Suscripción

Las 5 mejores alternativas a SutiCRM

Beneficios clave de SutiCRM

  • Gain better understanding of business needs with SutiCRM’s reporting and analytics which provide graphical reports on aspects such as lead-to-customer conversion, sales velocity, sales pipeline, employee task fulfillment and more. Users can also generate custom reports based on prospects, leads, accounts and opportunities.

  • Keep track of assets with SutiCRM’s inventory management tools which allow users to create, track and manage suppliers, generate and approve purchase orders, generate and manage receipts, track issue of goods and create inventory reports.

  • Create profiles for every customer which include contact and company details, purchase history, payment terms and analytics to help understand purchase patterns and aid with up-selling and cross-selling.

  • Keep track of all communications with integrated emailing and inbound and outbound call logging. Use built-in email templates to send emails from within SutiCRM and record and store all call details to be retrieved whenever needed using an advanced search function.

  • Calculate average Return on Investment with SutiCRM’s ROI calculator. The calculator works out average ROI based on average cost per lead, number of leads, and conversion rate per campaign.

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    P M G

    Disponible en los países siguientes

    Canadá, India, Estados Unidos

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    Precios desde:

    10,00 US$/mes

    • Versión gratuita
    • Prueba gratis
    • Suscripción

    Las 5 mejores alternativas a SutiCRM


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    SutiCRM Software - 3
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    SutiCRM Software - 6
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    SutiCRM Software - 1 SutiCRM Software - 2 SutiCRM Software - 3 SutiCRM Software - 4 SutiCRM Software - 5 SutiCRM Software - 6


    Funcionalidades totales de SutiCRM: 69

    • Acceso móvil
    • Acciones activadas por evento
    • Almacenamiento de documentos
    • Alzada de solicitudes
    • Análisis de campañas
    • Análisis de evolución de ventas
    • Análisis y seguimiento del ROI
    • Asistencia al cliente
    • Automatización de marketing
    • Automatización de ventas
    • Base de datos de clientes
    • Base de datos de contactos
    • Búsqueda de clientes potenciales
    • Búsqueda/filtro
    • CRM
    • Campañas de goteo
    • Captura de clientes potenciales
    • Catalogación/Categorización
    • Contenido dinámico
    • Control de respuestas por correo electrónico
    • Creación de informes/análisis
    • Cualificación de leads
    • Distribución de clientes potenciales
    • Encuestas de cliente
    • Enrutamiento
    • Generación de clientes potenciales
    • Generación de propuestas
    • Gestión de campañas
    • Gestión de clientes potenciales
    • Gestión de comisiones
    • Gestión de contactos
    • Gestión de contratos o licencias
    • Gestión de flujos de trabajo
    • Gestión de llamadas
    • Gestión de oportunidades
    • Gestión de tareas
    • Gestión de ventas sobre el terreno
    • Gestión del conocimiento
    • Gestión del pipeline
    • Gestión del pipeline de ventas
    • Gestión del territorio
    • Informes del pipeline
    • Integraciones de terceros
    • Integración de chat interno
    • Marketing multicanal
    • Marketing por correo electrónico
    • Marketing social
    • Modelos personalizables
    • Métricas de rendimiento
    • Panel de actividades
    • Planificación de campañas
    • Plantillas de correo electrónico
    • Portal de autoservicio
    • Preguntas frecuentes
    • Presupuestos y estimaciones
    • Previsión
    • Previsión de ventas
    • Páginas de aterrizaje y formularios web
    • Segmentación
    • Segmentación de clientes potenciales
    • Seguimiento de fuentes
    • Seguimiento de interacciones
    • Seguimiento de la participación
    • Seguimiento de recomendaciones
    • Seguimiento de visitantes de la web
    • Sincronización de calendario
    • Sistema de calendarios o recordatorios
    • Supervisión
    • Varias campañas



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    Calificación general

    4,5 /5
    Relación calidad-precio
    Facilidad de uso
    Asistencia al cliente

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    Joshua B. Joshua B.
    Calificación general
    • Sector: Software informático
    • Tamaño de la empresa: 201-500 empleados
    • Software usado A diario durante Más de un año
    • Fuente de la reseña

    Calificación general

    • Relación calidad-precio
    • Facilidad de uso
    • Asistencia al cliente
    • Probabilidad de recomendación 10.0 /10

    User-friendly at an affordable cost

    Revisado el 25/10/2018

    I’ve tried a couple different CRM’s and none are as simple and straightforward as SutiCRM. Also not...

    I’ve tried a couple different CRM’s and none are as simple and straightforward as SutiCRM. Also not having to compromise on pricing but still getting robust CRM functionality is awesome. Highly recommend.

    Puntos a favor

    Great for small business. Above all else, it is super customizable which is important for me. It can be customized by the admin without contacting Suti, or you can contact Suti support for help. The simple user interface makes it easy to learn and navigate. Email campaigns & tracking are top notch for the pricing. Really easy to see a high level view of an entire team’s pipeline, as well as drill down to the detailed reports.


    Does not currently have all API integrations that some bigger CRM providers offer, but I believe Outlook and QuickBooks integration are coming by Q1 2019.

    Yanni W. Yanni W.
    Calificación general
    • Software usado Semanalmente durante 1-5 meses
    • Fuente de la reseña

    Calificación general

    • Relación calidad-precio
    • Facilidad de uso
    • Asistencia al cliente

    Easy to manage contracts and sales activities

    Revisado el 22/8/2017

    Puntos a favor

    The software is configurable and allows me to manage leads and opportunities with ease. It's import and export capabilities are simple to use. Easy to update notes and follow tasks and allow me to proactively follow up with leads

    Preguntas frecuentes sobre SutiCRM

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    SutiCRM ofrece los siguientes planes de precios:

    • A partir de: 10,00 US$/mes
    • Modelo de precios: Versión gratuita, Suscripción
    • Prueba gratis: Disponible

    Free for up to 3 users. $10/user/month for small businesses. For larger enterprises contact SutiCRM for customized pricing.

    Los clientes habituales de SutiCRM son:

    2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1.000, 1.001+

    SutiCRM admite los siguientes idiomas:


    SutiCRM admite los siguientes dispositivos:

    Android (móvil)

    SutiCRM se integra con las siguientes aplicaciones:

    Facebook for Business, FreshBooks, Google Calendar, Twitter

    SutiCRM ofrece las siguientes opciones de asistencia:

    E-mail/Help Desk, Asistencia telefónica, Chat

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