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Kissflow Project

Solución de gestión de proyectos colaborativa basada en la nube

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5 /5
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Sazedur R.
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Calificación general

  • Relación calidad-precio
  • Facilidad de uso
  • Asistencia al cliente
  • Probabilidad de recomendación 10.0 /10

Kissflow is the best digital workflow management software.

Revisado el 2/12/2020

My overall experience was great. This software has given me speed up my work. It's very helpful for business workflow and a user-friendly tool.

It is very easy to use and very effective.

This is my overall experience and It's was great.

Puntos a favor

I have an IT firm where I have 5 employees. It took me a long time to maintain my work and I had to face a lot of problems. But I have saved a lot of time since I started using Kissflow and I can easily get things done by my staff.

You can add descriptions and attach files to each project, which is very important for a project.
I can easily see which project is active, which is on hold, and which is complete.

It is very easy to use.

Kissflow has increased the speed of my work, I am very satisfied using it.

I did a little research on Kissflow and saw that there are many options that will make your business easier.

I got everything I needed for my IT firm here.


The least I like about this software is that it would have been a little easier if I had added the option of exchanging messages with each project. Here again, you have to add a new text field to exchange messages.

After all, I like everything, because it's the perfect workflow management software for my IT firm.