Aprimo Marketing Productivity

Aprimo Marketing Productivity

Simplify & automate marketing collaboration

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Ellie J.
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Aprimo has great functionality but is expensive without any customer support

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Revisado el 7/6/2017
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Puntos a favor

This software has tons of features and functionality. Once you get it set up and understand how to use it, it is efficient to make changes to workflows and to run your projects.

If you need something done in the system you can typically do it yourself and have the changes done quickly. The system has the ability to do nearly anything you need it to.

Puntos en contra

The customer service is not great. I used to reach out to their customer service team for questions or things we needed but they took forever to reply to us and then when they did I often had already solved the problem because it had been weeks, or we would get on the phone to resolve it and they didn't know how to resolve the issue, so I would be stuck to figure it out myself anyway.

The system would have to refresh every time we loaded a page, which is often based on the way the system works, which is time consuming to wait for. The system would also crash on occasion, enough that it was annoying.

This system is also very expensive.

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