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Practice Management Made Simple
Practice Management Software with HIPAA-compliant EHR, mobile Telehealth, autopay and more for therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, nutritionists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other health & wellness professionals Saber más sobre SimplePractice
Empowering our clients to make healthcare better
Achieve better clinical outcomes by using NextGen Healthcare EHR/EMR solutions. Our goal is to empower you to deliver high-quality care. Saber más sobre NextGen Healthcare
Practice management to help improve practice revenue
Achieve healthy, predictable financial outcomes with medical practice management solutions from NextGen Healthcare. We can help you provide a better check-in and billing experience, create clean claims, reduce denials, manage accounts receivables, and monitor and improve financial performance. Saber más sobre NextGen Healthcare
Web-based mental health software for practitioners
TheraNest Mental Health is a practice management and therapy notes tool that allows users to keep track of health records and manage payment processing Saber más sobre TheraNest
Software de tratamiento de reclamaciones y facturación médica basado en la nube
AdvancedBilling de AdvancedMD es un software de facturación médica basado en la nube que ayuda a automatizar y mejorar las tareas relacionadas con la captura de ingresos. Saber más sobre AdvancedBilling
Online mental health EMR and practice management software.
Web-based practice management & electronic health records (EHR) software for behavioral health with thousands of active users, and unlimited customer support. Saber más sobre TherapyNotes
Solución basada en la nube para la gestión de consultorios médicos
Kareo ayuda a los proveedores médicos a optimizar los procesos clínicos mediante el manejo de tareas administrativas para que los médicos puedan concentrarse en atender a los pacientes. Saber más sobre Kareo
Medical billing, scheduling and electronic health record (EHR) software. Your complete practice management solution.
NueMD helps medical practices streamline their administrative operations, plain and simple. Spend more time with your patients and less time on paperwork. With an ever expanding range of features, NueMD keeps you efficient, profitable, and compliant. With support for multiple locations, providers and resources, you have the flexibility you need... Saber más sobre NueMD
Sistema de EHR basado en la nube.
Sistema de EHR basado en la nube con plantillas médicas totalmente personalizables y software de facturación sencilla, con aplicaciones líderes de la industria para dispositivos iPhone y iPad. Saber más sobre DrChrono
Solución de gestión de la práctica para quiroprácticos
ChiroFusion es una solución completa de administración de la práctica para el uso de quiroprácticos, que ofrece instalaciones para la programación, registros de pacientes, facturación y más. Saber más sobre ChiroFusion
Healthcare practice management solution
Web-based CareCloud Central is a practical, intuitive, and robust practice management solution for healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes Saber más sobre CareCloud
Practice management & EHR for mental health providers
My Clients Plus is a practice management and EHR solution for mental health providers and practices with therapy notes, electronic billing, and more Saber más sobre My Clients Plus
Software de gestión de consultorios y EHR
El software Cerner PowerChart es un creador de registros médicos electrónicos (EMR) de múltiples entidades que ayuda a los médicos a almacenar y acceder a información relevante. Saber más sobre Cerner PowerChart
Gestión de reclamaciones médicas
Navicure es una oficina de compensación de reclamaciones médicas basada en la web que administra todos los aspectos del ciclo de ingresos, incluida la gestión de reclamaciones, la elegibilidad y el asesoramiento de remesas electrónicas (ERA). Saber más sobre Navicure
Improve your revenue cycle management
Waystar provides a next-generation, cloud-based technology platform that modernizes the healthcare revenue cycle. Our technology, data and client support work together to eliminate friction in payment processes, streamline workflows and improve financials for providers in every care setting. Saber más sobre Waystar
Enterprise EHR & practice management with mobile app support
Greenway’s electronic health record (EHR) and practice management platform Intergy offers a user-friendly, specialty-focused solution for ambulatory healthcare practices. It provides tools to manage chronic conditions, capture payer incentives, and thrive in the world of value-based healthcare. Saber más sobre Intergy
Cloud-based medical practice management solution
DuxWare is a cloud-based medical practice management solution designed to help physicians and administrators manage operations, billing, payments, and more. DuxWare is a HIPAA compliant solution and enables users to track patients and schedule sessions. Saber más sobre DuxWare
Practice management for rehab therapy & behavioral health
TheraBill is a web-based practice management platform for mental and behavioral health specialists & speech therapists, offering scheduling, invoicing, and more Saber más sobre TheraBill
Cloud based EHR solution for hospitals and clinics
ChartLogic is an integrated electronic health recording solution that offers tools for electronic medical recording, practice management and billing services Saber más sobre ChartLogic
EHR & RCM software for addiction treatment centers
AZZLY Rize is a behavioral health and addiction treatment center solution which integrates office management, EHR (electronic health records) & RCM (revenue cycle management) to aid treatment centers by connecting intake, clinical & billing teams to elevate patient outcomes and improve cash flow Saber más sobre AZZLY Rize
Cloud-based practice management system
Providers on our medical billing and practice management service get paid more, faster, with less work. Saber más sobre athenaCollector
Full-featured medical billing software
TotalMD is a cloud-based practice management solution that offers healthcare businesses and medical practitioners with features such as medical billing and electronic health record keeping. The software caters to small and large scale businesses and can also be deployed on-premise. Saber más sobre TotalMD
Fully integrated EHR, RCM & Telehealth suite for healthcare
Azalea Health is a cloud-based suite with modules to help manage electronic health records (EHR), track revenue cycles, manage multiple practices & facilitate telehealth for hospital & ambulatory care settings. It is suitable for rural & community health care, including multiple specialty hospitals. Saber más sobre Azalea Health
Podiatry specific EHR and practice management platform
TRAKnet is a cloud-based podiatry specific charting and practice management system developed by podiatrists for podiatrists. The software is fully customizable and is designed to streamline performance with podiatry specific templates and workflows, billing, scheduling and more Saber más sobre TRAKnet
Enhance quality, productivity, and patient outcomes.
Keep your practice on solid ground with a cloud-based EHR. Experience a robust solution that offers dynamic access to key patient information anytime, anywhere. Saber más sobre Quanum EHR
Web based practice management software solution
Therapy Partner is an online practice management software that supports clinicians in managing their workflows such as scheduling and billing electronically Saber más sobre Therapy Partner
EMR & billing software for behavioral health
QuicDoc is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & billing solution for individual & small behavioral health practices with SSL security & HIPAA compliance Saber más sobre QuicDoc
Cloud-based medical billing & practice management platform
PracticeSuite is a full medical practice management & medical billing software with EHR & patient portal services for medical practices & billing companies Saber más sobre PracticeSuite
Online medical billing with integrated practice management
MedicsPremier is a cloud-based IDC-10 compliant software solution delivering medical practice management coupled with automated billing, scheduling & reporting Saber más sobre MedicsPremier
Cloud-based medical practice management solution
ProviderSuite is a cloud-based medical practice management solution, designed to help small to midsize organizations streamline their entire scheduling and billing processes. Its automated patient registration system enables users to manage appointments, patient data, schedules, claims, & payments. Saber más sobre ProviderSuite
Revenue cycle management for healthcare providers and payers
ABILITY Network's SaaS-based platform supports healthcare providers with revenue cycle management tools, clinical management, Medicare claim processing and more Saber más sobre ABILITY Network
Scheduling & patient management for specialty practitioners
MedEvolve is a cloud-based practice management solution, which assists specialty physician practices with patient scheduling and workflows. Key features include patient registration, resource optimization, billing, appointment management, insurance claim processing, data export, and reporting. Saber más sobre MedEvolve
Online practice management software for private practices
AirCare (formerly Orchestra One) is a practice management platform made for independent providers. Saber más sobre AirCare
Medical billing & practice management
expEDIum Medical Billing helps medical billing companies & healthcare providers to automate their medical billing, claims processing & practice management Saber más sobre expEDIum Medical Billing
Sistema de gestión de consultorios conforme con HIPPA totalmente integrado
Harmony es un software de gestión de consultorios conforme con HIPPA, totalmente integrado, con programación de horarios codificada por colores y función exhaustiva de facturación a seguros y pacientes. Saber más sobre Harmony
Automatic progress note generation for physicians
Radekal is an electronic health record (EHR) & automatic progress note generation solution designed to streamline the process of recording patient examinations Saber más sobre Radekal
Cloud-based revenue & medical practice management solution
MedClarity is a medical billing and practice management solution that helps to reduce insurance claim denials, schedule appointments, and manage revenue Saber más sobre MedClarity
Integrated EHR, practice management, telemedicine & billing
PatientClick is an integrated EMR/EHR, telemedicine, practice management, patient engagement & billing solution for medical clinics & practitioners across multiple specialties. Native patient & clinician mobile apps enable video-based telemedicine, scheduling, note updates, document viewing & more. Saber más sobre PatientClick
Billing management solution for medical clinics
Mercury One helps small clinics and medical practitioners manage processes related to billing, payments, compliance, and more. The platform comes with a demographic data capture functionality, which enables organizations to collect patient information such as age, gender and income. Saber más sobre Mercury One
Servicio de facturación y gestión de consultorios de terapia física
bestPT permite que las clínicas de terapia física optimicen las actividades de práctica, mejoren el rendimiento de facturación y aceleren la documentación de la visita. Saber más sobre bestPT
Medical billing solution for healthcare professionals
ClinicAid is a cloud-based Canadian medical billing solution that assists physicians, practitioners and medical staff with practice management and customer service. The platform offers tools for appointment scheduling, claims management, invoice generation & tracking, patient profiles and reporting. Saber más sobre ClinicAid
Electronic claims processing software
expEDIum Claims Portal is a web-based automated medical claim processing solution which includes online referrals, authorizations management, and more Saber más sobre expEDIum Claims Portal
All-in-one, cloud based care management platform for clinics
Carbon Health is an all-in-one, cloud-based care platform for health clinics and practices wanting to connect to patients via video calls and native mobile apps Saber más sobre Carbon Health
Medical billing solution
Iridium Suite is a medical billing solution that helps medical institutions manage claims processing, cash flow data capture, & more. The solution comes with a real-time eligibility system, which assists organizations with recording, as well as verifying, insurance coverage details before treatment. Saber más sobre Iridium Suite
Web-based revenue cycle management solution
Medica is a cloud-based medical billing and revenue management solution suitable for individual physicians and small clinics for medical recording Saber más sobre Medica Billing
Integrated, web-based, all-in-one medical software
eMedicalPractice is an integrated, cloud-based EHR, practice management and billing software with MIPS registry & merchant services for medical practices of all types and sizes. Features include appointment scheduling, registration kiosk, e-payments, e-prescription, telimedicine, messaging, & more. Saber más sobre eMedicalPractice
EHR platform for long term care facilities
NetSolutions is a comprehensive clinical & financial solution designed for long-term care, including assisted living communities & skilled nursing facilities. The integrated electronic health record (EHR) system enables staff to deliver premium quality care alongside maintaining daily workflows. Saber más sobre NetSolutions
EMR/ EHR Integrated Medcial Billing and Collection Reports
theBillingBridge is a revenue cycle reporting and data analytics app that helps healthcare institutions to track KPIs, strengthen processes, and improve revenue Saber más sobre theBillingBridge
Medical practice management for all medical specialities
iDOCS is a medical practice management software designed for use by specialty clinics and medical billing service providers. Deployed within the cloud, it runs on the IBM i Power server and can be accessed through all internet-enabled devices. Saber más sobre iDOCS
Medical practice management software
hCue is a medical practice management software which combines EMR, pharmacy billing, clinic management, and medical store management software in one integrated medical software suite, allowing users to manage medical records, appointments, and more anytime, anywhere via any internet-enabled device. Saber más sobre hCue
Payment & financing solution for the healthcare industry
ClearGage is a cloud-based payment and financing suite designed to help small to midsize healthcare organizations manage the entire patient lifecycle, from initial appointment to resource allocation, invoice generation, and payment acceptance. Saber más sobre ClearGage
Electronic health record (EHR) and medical billing solution
Tynet Online is a cloud-based electronic health record and agency management suite, which helps clinics and health care professionals track patient progress and prepare treatment plans. Key features include patient intake, appointment scheduling, data management, claim submissions, and reporting. Saber más sobre Tynet Online
Billing and claims management for medical practices
iVECoder is a cloud-based medical billing code research solution, which assists medical practices with billing and claims management. Key features include compliance management, EHR code verification, editing rate negotiation, feedback management, and an advanced rules engine. Saber más sobre iVECoder
Healthcare operations, billing, & claims management solution
Conexia helps healthcare organizations manage processes related to employee compensation, administration, data capturing, patient care, and more. The billing module enables enterprises to approve insurance claims, process payments, and generate electronic invoices in real-time. Saber más sobre Conexia