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22 opciones de software

Kaleido es una plataforma de blockchain diseñada para ayudar a las empresas de los sectores de la banca, la sanidad, el entretenimiento, la cadena de suministro, los servicios financieros y otros sectores a crear, gestionar y hacer un seguimiento de los nodos y las redes de blockchain mediante varias opciones de despliegue, herramientas automatizad... Saber más sobre Kaleido
Venly es una billetera Web3 instantánea para usuarios. Permite a los usuarios interactuar con Web3 de modo familiar. Integra el widget en minutos o busca la solución de API para obtener total libertad en la gestión de activos y la UX. Saber más sobre Venly
Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Cloud is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that offers distribution, manufacturing, inventory management and fleet management within a suite. Saber más sobre Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM
Etherium is a community-built technology designed to help businesses and individuals move money, make agreements, or send cryptocurrency to anyone for a small fee. The platform lets teams send transactions in a secure way by entering recipients' account address from their wallet or thier ENS name. Saber más sobre Etherium
Brandwise is an enterprise-grade digitization application for brands to authenticate products and engage with consumers. It is powered by blockchain. Saber más sobre Brandwise
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure es un software de IaaS que ha sido diseñado para ayudar a empresas de todos los tamaños con la detección y protección contra amenazas, alojamiento de máquinas virtuales, almacenamiento de archivos, transferencia de datos, gestión de bases de datos y más. Saber más sobre Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
Solana is a decentralized blockchain platform designed to help users build decentralized apps or marketplaces, launch SPL tokens, validate transactions, create cryptocurrency wallets, secure the network, and earn rewards. The solution enables developers to send transactions to apps with one or more instructions. Saber más sobre Solana
Oracle Blockchain allows enterprises to create, deploy, and manage an encrypted network that integrates with various cloud-based or back-office applications, facilitating a secure collaborative space for various projects, information sharing, and other operational dependencies. The platform includes governance management, on-chain access control,... Saber más sobre Oracle Blockchain
IBM Blockchain Platform, built on Hyperledger Fabric, is designed to help businesses across a variety of industry verticals, such as suppy chain, financial services, healthcare, and other sectors model, create, and operate networks with the security necessary for multiple use cases. The platform lets managers to quickly develop blockchain skills... Saber más sobre IBM Blockchain Platform
RippleNet is a web-based application designed to help financial institutions instantly process customers' global payments using blockchain technology. The application allows professionals to use digital currency to source liquidity during cross-border transactions. Saber más sobre RippleNet
Azure Blockchain Workbench is a web-based platform designed to help businesses create blockchain applications using prebuilt networks and infrastructure. Administrators can synchronize transaction-related information with databases and visualize data across the general ledger. Saber más sobre Azure Blockchain Workbench
BlockCypher is a cloud-based platform, which helps enterprises build blockchain applications with web APIs and callbacks. Its APIs enable users to interact with multiple blockchains and retrieve data from the block, receive notifications about unconfirmed transactions, and request multiple signature transactions. Saber más sobre BlockCypher
Hyperledger Fabric is a distributed ledger platform that provides businesses with a modular architecture to develop and build blockchain solutions. It offers various plug and play components, such as consensus or membership services, that enables users to customize the platform according to requirements. Saber más sobre Hyperledger Fabric
Centrifuge is a decentralized finance platform designed to help businesses access capital using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across digital currencies such as Ethereum, Kusama, and more. Saber más sobre Centrifuge
Corda is a blockchain platform that helps businesses build digital financial applications to process payments and reconciliation processes. Administrators can utilize the distributed ledger to streamline the issuance, trading, and settlement of digital assets. Saber más sobre Corda
QANplatform is a blockchain solution designed to help software developers create quantum-resistant smart contracts, NFTs, tokens, Metaverse, DApps, and DeFi solutions in various programming languages. It enables professionals to migrate projects running on Ethereum such as DEXes, NFTs, and DeFi solutions to the platform. Saber más sobre QANplatform
Luniverse is a blockchain platform designed to help businesses in retail, gaming, supply chain, and other industries deploy and manage blockchains using low code developer tools, REST APIs, provisioning capabilities, and more. Users can deploy smart contracts, access templates, and track the status of contracts via a distribution functionality. Saber más sobre Luniverse
ConsenSys Quorum is an open-source protocol layer, which helps businesses across finance, healthcare, insurance, legal, media, retail, real estate and various other sectors utilize Ethereum to build public and private blockchain applications. Saber más sobre ConsenSys Quorum
The Smart Integrity Platform by DISS-CO is a secure, blockchain-based software for confidential and anonymous reporting, complaints and breaches. It is quick to implement and easy to use. Visit us at: https://diss-co.tech Saber más sobre Smart Integrity Platform
We are the world’s only blockchain intelligence ecosystem developed by government investigators and financial compliance experts. Saber más sobre QLUE
A web3 platform to host Metaverse events with 3D avatars, customizable venues, & NFT marketplaces. You can also create and mint your digital assets, including but not limited to, NFTs, tickets, digital products mapped to IRL Products – all on the blockchain. Saber más sobre Eventiverse
HollaEx is a white-label solution that allows anyone to create their own exchange platform with the assurance of proven quality and security, from a team well-versed in the crypto industry. Saber más sobre HollaEx

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