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Un software de administración de políticas que te permite automatizar, entregar y gestionar fácilmente el ciclo de vida de la administración de políticas de tu organización. Saber más sobre MetaCompliance
Hoxhunt is a security awareness training software designed to help businesses educate and train employees to identify and report phishing attacks or malicious emails. Administrators can create relevant content to automatically send customizable malicious emails to alert learners. Saber más sobre Hoxhunt
Delivery Trust is a user-friendly secure email solution to protect critical information. Saber más sobre Delivery Trust
usecure is the automated Human Risk Management (HRM) platform that transforms employees into a cybersecurity asset through user-tailored training programs. Saber más sobre usecure
Cisco Secure Email is a cloud-based email security software designed to help businesses of all sizes provide protection against malicious files, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, spoofing, and other cyber threats. It enables organizations to streamline data loss prevention (DLP) and encryption processes to safeguard critical business... Saber más sobre Cisco Secure Email
Predict and prevent cyber incidents by changing employee behaviour with holistic training Saber más sobre Phished
The Security Maturity Quest activates a cybersecurity mindset in organizations to reduce security vulnerabilities in 30 days or less. Saber más sobre Cognician
CybeReady es una plataforma de formación en concienciación sobre ciberseguridad basada en la nube, que ayuda a las organizaciones de los sectores bancario, manufacturero y farmacéutico a crear y asignar sesiones de formación a los empleados según sus funciones, ubicaciones o desempeño. Saber más sobre CybeReady
AwareGO es una plataforma de capacitación en concienciación sobre seguridad basada en la nube. Está diseñada para permitir a las empresas proporcionar a los empleados contenido de aprendizaje en línea sobre ciberseguridad, cumplimiento y otros temas relacionados con la seguridad. Los usuarios pueden crear, asignar y realizar un seguimiento de... Saber más sobre AwareGO
CloudShare es una plataforma de experiencia de formación que ayuda a las empresas a crear entornos personalizados para formar, examinar y certificar a los empleados. Los administradores pueden usar las plantillas integradas para crear entornos complejos con escenarios del mundo real. Saber más sobre CloudShare
INFIMA is a cloud-based security awareness training software designed to help businesses of all sizes create, launch, and manage multiple training programs to update employees about best practices, cybersecurity, compliance guidelines, and other security protocols via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to provide cyber knowledge,... Saber más sobre INFIMA
Cofense PhishMe es un software SaaS de formación y concienciación sobre seguridad. Está diseñado para ayudar a las empresas a educar a los empleados sobre ciberataques y amenazas a través de simulaciones. Los ejecutivos pueden usar los informes de la junta para obtener información sobre el rendimiento de la empresa y supervisar el cambio en la... Saber más sobre Cofense PhishMe
Powered by behavioral science the SoSafe platform creates engaging cyber security awareness training. Saber más sobre SoSafe Awareness Platform
An all-in-one system with prebuilt courses, lessons, and templates that make it easy to create engaging online learning. Saber más sobre Rise
PhishingBox es una solución de seguridad de red diseñada para ayudar a las empresas a realizar ataques de suplantación de identidad (phishing) simulados y proporcionar capacitación de concientización para los miembros del equipo. Permite a las organizaciones crear grupos de empleados y enviar correos electrónicos de phishing dirigidos mediante... Saber más sobre PhishingBox
IRONSCALES is a powerful and simple email security solution that helps you fight back fast and keep your company safe in today’s cloud-first world. The IRONSCALES solution is a best-in-class email security platform powered by AI, enhanced by thousands of customer security teams, and built around Saber más sobre IRONSCALES
ThreatCop is a cloud-based security awareness training platform, designed to help organizations monitor the cybersecurity threat posture, create simulated attack campaigns, and train employees over multiple awareness modules. Saber más sobre ThreatCop
Beyond DLP is a data protection platform to track and protect scattered data. ITsMine's software brings data protection to enterprises in a clear API-based solution. Saber más sobre Beyond DLP
InfoSec compliance automation software and advisory services solution. Saber más sobre Scytale
There are Azure AD and API integrations that can be set up with CyberHoot. It includes a compliance Dashboard that helps administrators determine who still needs to complete assignments or sign off on governance policies. Easy to implement Azure AD integrations and API integrations. Easy to report to management how the employees are doing with... Saber más sobre CyberHoot
Ongoing SaaS based programme to help organisations nurture a culture of security awareness. It includes training modules, monitoring and reporting functions, as well as practical phishing simulation campaigns. Risk exposure index can be calculated for each individual computer user. Saber más sobre CYBERAWARE SECURITY
Curricula is a security awareness training platform designed to help businesses create, manage, track and deliver online learning processes for employees using various elements such as storytelling, quizzes, assignments, videos, and gamification. Administrators can generate custom reports to complete audits, present learning metrics for executive... Saber más sobre Curricula
Webroot Security Awareness Training is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses create, launch, and manage security awareness programs to educate employees on various organizational policies, cyberthreats, and data protection regulations via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to deliver information on various topics... Saber más sobre Webroot Security Awareness Training
Infosec IQ is a security awareness training software that helps businesses conduct personalized trainings, assessments, phishing simulations, and more on a centralized platform. With the built-in gamification module, training administrators can conduct interactive and experiential courses, optimizing employee engagement. Saber más sobre Infosec IQ
Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training is a training administration software that helps businesses simulate phishing attacks, generate risk scores, manage assessments, and more on a centralized platform. It lets staff members build multilingual white-labeled training courses with custom graphics, videos, and content, whilst maintaining... Saber más sobre Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training
NINJIO offers cybersecurity awareness training and integrated phishing simulation. Its training uses engaging, 3 to 4-minute Hollywood-style micro-learning videos to empower individuals and organizations to become defenders against cyberthreats. Saber más sobre NINJIO AWARE
Cyberday as your modern turnkey solution: No matter if you want to improve your cyber defence, be certification ready, or comply with legal regulation, everything is managed under one roof - in a single solution. Our software works directly as app in your trusted MS Teams environment. Saber más sobre Cyberday
Avatao is a web-based secure coding training software designed to help businesses in banking, finance, information technology and services, computer software, aviation, healthcare, and telecommunication industries generate real-life scenarios of security best practices. It lets security and development teams prevent common mistakes and improve... Saber más sobre Avatao
ProofPoint Security Awareness Training is a training administration software that helps businesses conduct knowledge assessments, generate phishing simulations, customize course content, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to utilize the built-in curriculum modules to conduct employee training in multiple languages. Saber más sobre ProofPoint Security Awareness Training
Mimecast Awareness Training is designed to help businesses train employees to identify and report phishing attacks and malicious emails. The application allows teams to assign video-based training modules about various types of threats, impacts, and measures to employees and enhance user engagement. Saber más sobre Mimecast Awareness Training
CybSafe is a training software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, IT, finance, education, pharmaceutical, and other sectors monitor behavior patterns and measure knowledge to offer personalized learning sessions. Key features include goal setting, security culture assessment, sentiment analysis, custom learning modules, risk reporting,... Saber más sobre CybSafe
Symantec Phishing Readiness is a security awareness training software designed to help businesses conduct employee training and conduct simulated phishing assessments via a unified platform. The application allows organizations to create and deploy targeted emails, monitor employee behavior, and analyze phishing attack vulnerabilities. Saber más sobre Symantec Phishing Readiness
Synopsys application security training solutions make learning about security easy, relevant, and accessible with a variety of live and on-demand delivery options. Organizations can customize the curriculum to gain the security competency they need to help their development teams succeed. Saber más sobre Synopsys eLearning
Human Risk Management Platform by Living Security is a web-based cybersecurity training software designed to help businesses prevent cybersecurity breaches through immersive experiences and gamification. The CyberEscape Online solution lets employees embark on a team-based awareness training experience across a variety of security topics, such as... Saber más sobre Human Risk Management Platform
Plataforma de gestión del riesgo cibernético humano, concienciación sobre seguridad y cambio de comportamiento. Saber más sobre SafeTitan
ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a platform to train employees to recognize phishing, avoid online scams and understand internet best practices. Saber más sobre Cybersecurity Awareness Training
CERMAT helps you record and manage all employee measurements and their due dates. The web-based software flexibly adapts to your industrial requirements and needs. Saber más sobre CERMAT

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