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160 opciones de software

Brief is a cloud-based project management software designed to help businesses in advertising, food and beverage, healthcare, and other sectors manage tasks, chats, and documents using Kanban boards. Saber más sobre Brief
uShare.to is a team communication platform designed to help businesses in legal, insurance, telehealth, real estate, and other sectors conduct online meetings and facilitate collaboration through group chats. Saber más sobre uShare.to
OneBar is an AI-enabled knowledge base tool, which integrates with Slack and lets IT helpdesk, HR departments, or legal professionals build FAQs or support content using conversations to resolve internal team issues. Saber más sobre OneBar
Flujo es una herramienta de colaboración y comunicación empresarial que ayuda al personal remoto, organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro, startups de etapa temprana y emprendedores a enviar mensajes e intercambiar archivos con compañeros de trabajo. Esta plataforma proporciona un calendario incorporado que permite a las empresas administrar tareas y... Saber más sobre FLUJO
Dooth Vault is a cloud-based collaboration suite of software solutions designed to help businesses manage training, share files, maintain social communities, and streamline communication across teams, among other activities, while ensuring secure exchange of information through data encryption. Saber más sobre Dooth Vault
AtomChat is specifically designed to add chat and video calling to your website to get your users talking. Saber más sobre AtomChat
symplr Clinical Communications provides a unified platform for secure messaging, on-call scheduling, and care collaboration. Through one communications channel, physicians, nurses, and support staff stay up to date, reduce interruptions and fatigue, schedule optimally, and deliver quality care. Saber más sobre symplr Clinical Communications
MEXS is a tool that aims to optimize processes in companies and increase employee satisfaction. To achieve this, the software focuses on communication and conversations – between employees, for example – in order to gain vital information to improve workflows. Saber más sobre MEXS
Moja is an all-in-one communication platform for Sales & Services. One inbox for WhatsApp, IG & Fb. Saber más sobre Moja
Push to Talk Plus is the next generation of on-demand, push-to-talk communications. Use this mobile app to connect with other users (up to 250 at a time) and broadcast live or recorded messages within seconds. Users can make announcements or conferences in between conversations if they need help from other people in their group. This app lets... Saber más sobre Push to Talk Plus

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