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bValue HR is a complete HR solution that manages, monitors, and measures people's growth. It automates the development of people from onboarding to promotion. Saber más sobre bValue HR
STAA is a cloud-based recruiting platform, which helps small to large businesses automate lead generation, manage mass communication, handle candidate resumes, and more. The solution offers various features such as automated job matching, lead targeting, resume matching, email communication, job board management, database management, pre-templates,... Saber más sobre STAA
Firstbird is a cloud-based employee referral platform for global companies that helps them hire better talent, faster. With Firstbird, employees can help identify the best people for the team. The platform builds channels of communication between recruiters and employees to generate referrals, increase referrals to colleagues and engage the whole... Saber más sobre Firstbird
Simplify your recruitment process with Talent500 - all-in-one sourcing, tracking, and hiring, automate tasks, and plan better strategies. Saber más sobre Talent500
Cloud-based platform that lets HR teams analyze candidate resumes, and easily select top matches for next round utilizing AI technology. Saber más sobre CVgrader.com

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