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ACTIVATE is a proprietary cloud-based solution that creates a quick and easy job search experience, improves your ROI and offers robust analytics. Saber más sobre ACTIVATE
Identify the most suitable talents for specific positions and teams using predictive algorithms. Saber más sobre Talentoday Manager
Rempleo is a recruitment and training application for physiotherapists. The platform allows users to discuss the availability of replacement, assistantship, collaboration and employment within a secure interface. The training search tool helps customers find sessions according to requirements Saber más sobre Rempleo
persoprofiler is a SaaS solution for applicant management aimed at companies in various industries. The functions support users through every phase of the application process, such as auto-process chains, applicant profiles, candidate suggestions, and multi-channel posting. Saber más sobre perso profiler
Carerix is a comprehensive recruitment platform that includes a job portal and third-party integrations. Saber más sobre Carerix
CareBono is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) built to help healthcare organizations attract, hire, and retain the talent that they need. We offer an end-to-end platform to create job postings, collect applications, and steward candidates through the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. Saber más sobre CareBono
concludis is a modular applicant management system that can be used across all industries for the entire process of recruiting new and qualified workers. Its individual features can be adapted to suit any customer and expanded if necessary. Saber más sobre concludis
Trinsly helps businesses deliver personalized candidate outreach campaigns that automatically follow-up. The platform enables managers to keep teams aligned with shared outreach history. Operators can easily find and validate prospect email addresses. Saber más sobre Trinsly
Zappyhire is an AI-powered Recruitment Automation Suite that combines the best features of an ATS and CRM on a single platform to help enterprises screen, engage, and hire the best talent faster. Saber más sobre Zappyhire
QX ReCo 360 is a tool designed especially for healthcare recruiters as it allows these organisations to manage registration, compliance and booking processes from one common platform. In addition, the tool can also work with all leading payroll systems to complete candidate placement. Saber más sobre QX Reco360
RecruitHire es una plataforma de reclutamiento integral que te permite administrar candidatos, vacantes y más. Esta solución incluye una función de seguimiento de solicitudes, un sitio de carreras profesionales, formularios de publicación de empleos y un analizador de currículums. Saber más sobre RecruitHire
Talent Ticker is a recruiting and staffing solution that allows companies to source candidates, manage a recruitment team, and automate outreach. Saber más sobre Talent Ticker
Qualifi empowers recruiters to find the best candidates faster by enabling on-demand phone interviews via automation. Qualifi’s frictionless screening platform saves both recruiters and candidates time while maintaining a human touch. Saber más sobre Qualifi
Coveto supports recruiting in medium-sized companies and personnel service providers. Its main functions cover the posting of job advertisements and applicant management. In addition, Coveto offers CRM for companies and departments, KPI analysis, customizable features, and multi-client access. Saber más sobre coveto
Ascendify is a recruitment platform that combines the functionality of recruitment marketing (RM) with applicant tracking (ATS) tools. It aims to improve hiring outcomes and diversify talent pools by automating corporate recruiters' sourcing, screening, and scheduling. Saber más sobre Ascendify
Eolia offers SMEs, ETIs, and multi-brand companies recruitment solutions, such as ATS recruiter, ATS manager, career portals, and statistics analyses. Key features include applicant tracking, task & candidate management, email templates & management, resume searches, careers pages, and job postings. Saber más sobre Eolia
Vikhon is an intelligence platform for strategic HRs integrated with Business. Saber más sobre Vikhon
Recruit the best fitting talent in a deeper and more scalable way. Saber más sobre tal&dev
RecrutaSimples is a recruitment platform, with which companies can advertise vacancies on various sites, including social media, such as LinkedIn, and manage them in one place. When the vacancy is created, it instantly receives its own page, with an embedded application form. Saber más sobre RecrutaSimples
Workbeat es una herramienta de gestión de recursos humanos basada en la nube. Está diseñada para ayudar a medianas y grandes empresas de los sectores de comercio minorista, eventos, diseño, construcción y otros a organizar los registros de los empleados, administrar los procesos de nómina y agilizar las comunicaciones internas. La solución permite... Saber más sobre Workbeat
senegalHIRE is a cloud based hiring platform that lets businesses post jobs on multiple job boards, screen candidates, and onboard employees all in one place. Saber más sobre senegalHIRE
Inspire & Nurture is a conversational marketing software designed to help businesses share curated content during live virtual recruiting events to engage audiences. Administrators can conduct live polls, send automated nudges, and analyze post-event feedback data. Saber más sobre Inspire & Nurture
traicie is an AI-based tool to help recruiters identify and source tomorrow's key employees. Saber más sobre traicie
The essential part of every organization is effective Payroll and HR software. This software aims to manage, organize and automate your employee’s salary as well as financial records. Saber más sobre SAN Payroll
Reduce recruiter effort by automating repeatable hiring tasks and processes. Easily manage virtual hiring events by controlling the entire event from the centralized control center of the solution. Saber más sobre Hyreo Virtual Hiring Events
Emi ayuda a empresas a interactuar con sus candidatos donde sea que estén. Los candidatos pueden aplicar a las búsquedas de empleo a través de Facebook Messenger y Whatsapp. La plataforma ayuda a las empresas a prefiltrar y a coordinar las entrevistas. Saber más sobre Emi
Recruitment is made flawless with HirePro’s AI-powered hiring solution. Back decisions with data to assess a candidate’s potential and take the final call. HirePro ensures a seamless user experience on all fronts. One can take the assessments from anywhere in real-time. Saber más sobre HireZap
AddettoHR is an HR lifecycle management software that allows businesses to handle employee functions from recruitment to retirement. Saber más sobre AddettoHR
Employee referrals in Slack - streamlining and gamifying the candidate referral experience. Saber más sobre Roots
ThisWay is a cloud-based talent management platform, which helps small to large businesses in real estate, telecommunications, banking, and other sectors manage candidate profiles, job descriptions, applicant databases, and more. Key features include artificial intelligence (AI), skill analysis, applicant profile enrichment, and more. The platform... Saber más sobre ThisWay
Get an end-to-end digital onboarding journey starting from pre-onboarding due diligence including 100+ checks in real-time to post-onboarding risk watch and screening with OnboardX. Its AI-enabled data intelligence capabilities provide comprehensive risk reports of all third parties. Saber más sobre OnboardX
Hunteed is a cloud-based recruitment platform to help companies find the best local candidates for their openings. Saber más sobre Hunteed
iziwork is a web-based recruiting platform for hiring temporary workers in France and other locations in Europe. It can automatically pre-select suitable candidates within 24 hours from a database of 500,000 temporary workers. Using AI to provide the best-fit candidates based on unique needs, iziwork is designed to to reduce hiring costs for its... Saber más sobre iziwork
HR-ON Recruit is a recruitment software that has been tailor-made for recruiters. It is easy to navigate and does not require any technical know-how. The dashboards make it possible for you to keep track of everything that is happening in your business, from posting jobs to extending offers. Saber más sobre HR-ON Recruit
Career@ is an online application with functionalities to make the candidate application process transparent. The process itself is divided into steps using building blocks. Candidates can also use the app to check how far their application has progressed. Saber más sobre Career@
RompecabezasHR es una solución web que centraliza todas las funcionalidades para la gestión de reclutamiento en un mismo lugar. En la aplicación se elabora la lista de prospectos —con toda la información de los candidatos—, se realiza la selección, se planifica la inducción y los procesos de mejora. Saber más sobre RompecabezasHR
Foundry Bean Global Work System is a cloud ERP system with subscription billings and receivables, revenue management, vendor invoices and payables, general ledger, cash management, inventory, shipping, service contracts, human resources, and customer relationship management. Saber más sobre Foundry Bean Global Work System
Grizzly Force is a software-based temp hiring agency that offers employers the ability to hire temp labor on demand, right from our mobile app or web platform. With Grizzly Force, there is no need to go through a time-consuming traditional staffing agency. Saber más sobre Grizzly Force
We Recruit, the recruiting software that aims to offer the best experience for recruiters, managers and candidates. Saber más sobre We Recruit
Leading brands partner with Filtered to significantly improve their technical hiring processes, making smarter hiring decisions faster and empowering teams to close top candidates more reliably. Saber más sobre Filtered
Thanks to the richness of our clients' methodologies, our solution has been developed to incorporate the majority of existing HR workflows. Yootalent will therefore be able to adapt to your structure rather than forcing you into a specific scheme. Saber más sobre Yootalent
Stay ahead in the talent war with Metahire A.I. technologies! We help companies to search for high-performing talents from 1000s of applications in 72 hrs with an expert-made screening process. After serving 50+ clients including Cosmos Bank, and Mapro, we observed benefits like 300% ROI. Saber más sobre Metahire
TruckRight provides reporting capabilities, centralizes critical data, and breaks down silos between teams. The platform can be customized based in business requirements and supports English, French, and Spanish. Saber más sobre TruckRight

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