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MonkeyLMS is designed to be ultra-affordable and easy to use for SME businesses, nonprofits and not-for-profits. Collect your knowledge in one secure online environment and share it with the stakeholders who need it. Saber más sobre MonkeyLMS
Neolude is a platform for learning management. It helps people and organizations achieve their goals through personalization, relationships, and events - helping them get more out of every experience Saber más sobre Neolude
Level UP LMS is a simple, powerful, cloud-based learning management system that helps individuals and teams to learn, practice, and upgrade their skills. It helps organizations train their employees, customers, and partners through streamlined courses, gamification, and performance tracking. With Levelup LMS, staff members have everything they... Saber más sobre Levelup LMS
sharpsell.ai is a mobile-first sales enablement and learning platform built to superpower distributed sales teams to ramp up sales reps, help them make compelling sales pitches, and handle objections on the go. Saber más sobre sharpsell.ai
Juno Journey is a personalized L&D operations system. We centralize, automate & customize all learning processes in one solution. Saber más sobre Juno Journey
Zola is an HR tool that helps recruiters manage interviews, training, and employee skills. Saber más sobre Zola
EVERFI helps national, regional, and local financial institutions use financial education to effectively connect with their communities and teach valuable skills that promote financial capability. Saber más sobre FCN
EVERFI provides online HR and workplace compliance training that drives change and is easy to use — backed by compliance expertise. Saber más sobre WCN
Get started with Seira intuitive software, pedagogical engineering at the service of eLearning and offer your users an extraordinary digital learning experience. Saber más sobre SEIRA e-learning plateforme
Centro de Aprendizaje is a learning management system that helps companies manage and promote the comprehensive development of hundreds or thousands of employees in the organization. Saber más sobre Centro de Aprendizaje
Learnpoint is a learning and school management system that helps educational institutions handle announcements, assignments, students, scoring, and more from within a unified platform. Saber más sobre Learnpoint
Edsun combines multiple solutions under one umbrella solution. It includes a scheduler, registrations, statistics, and video calls, among other functionalities. Saber más sobre Edsun
Employee training is simple with Groundwork1. Create lesson emails with interactive modules like videos, quizzes, and document downloads. Your employees get their training materials sent to their email inboxes and complete them there. The system sends out automated reminders and tracks completions. Saber más sobre Groundwork1
El LXP BRAINB es una solución en la nube para la gestión del aprendizaje corporativo. La plataforma utiliza IA, Machine Learning, foros colaborativos, contenidos en streaming y otras herramientas para impulsar el aprendizaje y orientar nuevos contenidos de acuerdo a los intereses individuales. Saber más sobre BrainB
PigrecoOS is a cutting-edge, centralized software, suitable for every need; a web-based SAAS platform, 100% Cloud, LMS, CRM, CMS, Marketplace, Schedule system, Virtual Classrooms, and Conference Rooms, Blockchain learning certifications. Saber más sobre PigrecoOS
Aidemy Business is an e-learning platform designed to help companies in Japan with DX human resources development. It provides tools and resources for training HR employees on using data and digital technologies to improve operational efficiency. Aidemy Business provides a wide range of learning content suitable for DX beginners as well as... Saber más sobre Aidemy Business

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