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Verint Experience Management is a customer experience (CX) suite of solutions designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as eCommerce, retail, public sector, government, financial services, telecom, energy, communication, healthcare, consumer, media, hospitality, travel, and more. Saber más sobre Verint Experience Management
eduVote helps businesses create forms for surveys, polls, feedback, and queries. It is primarily intended for universities and seminar providers to promote interaction and engagement with students and participants. Saber más sobre eduVote
Numerator is a cloud-based market intelligence platform, which helps enterprises gain insights into customers’ interests and buying trends. Features include competition tracking, automated price monitoring, compliance management, benchmarking, and reporting. Saber más sobre Numerator
ProQuo AI is a brand management software designed to help businesses create action plans, define brand goals, and conduct real-time analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Brand managers can use the built-in CreativeLab module to upload and automatically optimize work-in-progress (WIP) or finished creative assets. Saber más sobre ProQuo AI
mQuest Market Research is a questionnaire and survey tool designed to help businesses create questionnaires for market research purposes. The platform enables administrators to access a digital database, use different types of questions, and switch between different languages to build questionnaires. Saber más sobre mQuest Market Research
uQuiz is a survey solution that helps businesses create custom surveys with multiple question types, such as multiple-choice, true or false, free text, and fill in the banks. It allows staff members to set question time limits and define correct answers to each question with explanations or images. Saber más sobre uQuiz
Improve your services even more by using customers’ feedback as well as different kinds of data. Show your customers that their opinions and experiences matter. Saber más sobre Qmatic
Iterate offers cloud-based user-friendly research tools and valuable insights that enable businesses to target customers at the right time. It provides customer surveys to collect feedback needed to build products and experiences. Saber más sobre Iterate
TextAnywhere is an SMS survey software designed to help businesses of all sizes collect survey data from respondents through text messages. The application enables organizations to send promotional content, ad hoc updates and other personalized information to customers or team members via text messages. Saber más sobre TextAnywhere
akin is a cloud-based tool that allows businesses to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create surveys. Saber más sobre akin
Vurvey is a video survey software with one goal in mind – to make feedback more human. Saber más sobre Vurvey
Warp Point is a free-to-use platform that makes it easy for anyone to host their own interactive fundraising quizzes. Whether on a live stream, at an in-person meeting, or as hybrid event, people use their smartphone/device to sign up and play along, from anywhere in the world. Saber más sobre Warp Point
Momentive combines people-centric solutions with an agile, AI-powered platform to reshape your customer experience. Saber más sobre Momentive
Plataforma de investigación de usuarios basada en video para empresas y agencias. Saber más sobre Sonar
Our workforce analytics solution curates insights and mobilizes them into a discoverable point of truth for your organization. Saber más sobre ZeroedIn People Analytics
StudentPulse is an intelligent Student Feedback Platform combining micro surveys with real-time data analytics, to empower your educational institution to improve student experience throughout their educational journey. Saber más sobre StudentPulse
The atwork Suite is a people intelligence software based on science and data. It is focused on the holistic approach "Measure-Act-Impact" and tackles success-critical HR and business KPIs such as turnover and organizational commitment - providing relevant HR insights for business success. Saber más sobre atwork
Moodtracker is an advanced employee pulse survey tool built by data scientists at Workhuman, making it fast, easy, and actionable to get to the heart of organizational issues. Saber más sobre Workhuman Moodtracker
Gather instant, actionable feedback from your customers or staff with Surveyapp’s user-friendly surveys, conducted in-person using a tablet, or a survey kiosk or over the web and by email. Saber más sobre Surveyapp
A web and mobile tool for monitoring and evaluation with dynamic reporting and analytics dashboard. Saber más sobre METEOR
Poll the People makes data-backed decision-making faster, easier, and cheaper. The platform provides pre-live usability testing for anything from web design to ad copy. With Poll the People marketers, designers, or any other team can create the best resources for any target audience. Saber más sobre Poll the People
Splendid Research Core allows companies to create market surveys fast and easy. The surveys can help companies get answers to key questions about their products and brands. Saber más sobre SPLENDID CORE
Encuestafacil es una app que permite la elaboración de encuestas y evaluaciones. Ofrece diferentes planes de suscripción en función del volumen de preguntas y datos a recopilar. La información se recoge automáticamente. Los resultados se muestran en tablas y gráficas mediante una interfaz propia. Saber más sobre encuestafacil
WorkFeel helps companies improve culture and facilitate employee engagement by administering daily surveys on workday experiences. The admin panel records the data from pulse surveys. Managers can use this information to implement changes in the workplace to improve the company's culture. Saber más sobre WorkFeel
Press’nXPress helps organizations to improve customer experience by providing them real-time insights. A simple and easy-to-implement survey solution that continuously measures experience at all physical and digital touchpoints. Utilizes experience metric scores such as XPress, NPS, CSAT, eNPS, eSAT Saber más sobre Press'nXPress
Run customer surveys to understand your customers' wants and needs and gather general feedback about your products or services. Alternatively, ask engaging questions to boost interaction with your prospects. Saber más sobre JUNE - Landing Pages
W.E Matter offers employee engagement surveys with detailed insights, dashboards, customized solutions for organizations, employee performance, and engagement on the basis of a multigenerational model. Saber más sobre W.E Matter
Identify and reduce risk by automating the survey process from start to finish. Sure Loss Control enables you to efficiently manage the survey process and empowers your field staff to complete surveys quickly and easily with highly-configurable, cloud-based loss control software. Saber más sobre Sure Loss Control
Software for reporting and analyzing healthcare incidents and complaints to improve patient safety. Several ready-made applications are available, with matching registration forms and follow-up workflows. The software can be implemented quickly and at low cost. Saber más sobre TPSC Cloud
MR Buddies offers bespoke CRM, sales, and marketing automation tools to market research personnel and organizations. Key features include panel & data management, question library and branching, URL customization, survey builder, data import/export, benchmarking, offline response collection, etc. Saber más sobre MR Buddies
RAY offers firms the solutions to gather customer feedback and reviews to improve company image and attract newer clients. Key features include data import/export, email marketing, review monitoring & notification, activity tracking, review generation & request, reporting, and sentiment analysis. Saber más sobre RAY
It is the next generation in fun and interactive surveys that help you engage employees or trigger interest from your prospective clients. Saber más sobre Neelix Employee Engagement Platform
Generate and segment leads with custom surveys, and send the data seamlessly over to your favorite CRM Saber más sobre SurveyFunnel
Survalyzer is a comprehensive survey platform which covers the whole live cycle from participant management, over data collection to BI analytics. Saber más sobre Survalyzer
AvidIntelli is an online DIY survey creation tool to help you create surveys in just 4-5 clicks. With AvidIntelli create surveys using 12 Question types and 8 survey logic to choose from. Saber más sobre AvidIntelli
SurveyVista’s state-of-the-art features help you build professional, mobile-friendly, dynamic surveys and forms using a point-and-click interface, along with the WYSIWYG Form Builder. Saber más sobre SurveyVista
Utilant is an InsurTech leader providing the industry’s best-in-class Survey Management SaaS Product Suite for Loss Control and Premium Audit surveys. Saber más sobre Loss Control 360

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