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Digital T cards is a visual management tool to optimize and streamline all processes and tasks. It allows users to keep track of their work digitally. Users can also access it anytime from anywhere. Faster data transmission, real-time information, and automated reports provide meaningful insights and helps increase efficiency. Saber más sobre T-Card
Plan2Play is a gym management software platform that helps businesses connect with new members and the community. Wellness organizations can improve day-to-day operations and foster a valuable community. Saber más sobre Plan2Play
Maximo EZ Planner is a task scheduling and assignment application that lets businesses using IBM Maximo view workforce availability in real-time, visualize the schedule in graphical format and automatically calculate optimal schedule schedules. Saber más sobre EZMaxPlanner
SoPlan is a cloud-based scheduling solution that helps small to large businesses schedule events with their customers without the need for messages, calls, or e-mails. It offers various features such as third-party integration, calendar synchronization, file sharing, and more. Saber más sobre SoPlan
PointSchedule is a scheduling platform that makes booking and confirming meetings with anyone as easy as sharing a link. Saber más sobre PointSchedule
Aurora is customizable where it can intake a variety of constraints ranging from resource, temporal, spatial, as well as the expert knowledge from the user themself. Aurora can handle all factors: calendars, hierarchical relationships, resource requirements (and sets), resource set, and constraints. Saber más sobre Aurora
Affordable, simplified, comprehensive SaaS tool uniquely designed for home service small and micro-businesses. Saber más sobre Tradesflow
Dynamic Scheduler is a software to optimize the schedule of mobile workers, such as mobile services providers, facilities, and field services. Saber más sobre Dynamic Scheduler
MyMov es un software para la gestión de tareas y la planificación de rutas que ayuda a los equipos con usuarios móviles. Saber más sobre MyMov
Flexopus is a desk booking app that enables you to organize hybrid teams within your organization. Share flexible desks, parking spaces and meeting rooms within your team and apply new work concepts. Saber más sobre Flexopus
NextMinute is the leading residential construction job management software, helping you manage people, planning, pricing and profits to get ahead of the game. Saber más sobre NextMinute
TrafficLIVE is a cloud-based project management solution, which helps small to large advertising agencies handle client quotes, invoicing, staff databases, timesheets, budget estimates, forecasting, and more. The platform offers various features such as resource scheduling, project tracking, work planners, billing, reporting, expense monitoring,... Saber más sobre TrafficLIVE
Open Plan is a cloud-based project planning solution, which helps businesses in construction, engineering, accounting, and other sectors manage resource planning, project analysis, data entry, scheduling, and more. The solution provides various features including bar chart view, project status updates, access control, reporting, and multi-project... Saber más sobre Open Plan
Express Scheduler is a voice-enabled scheduling solution that helps businesses boost productivity by reducing calendar management effort for complex and simple scheduling conditions alike. Saber más sobre Express Scheduler
Timegate helps hire and retain talent and reduce costs and increase compliance. Timegate enables you to win more business and retain more clients. Timegate connects and mobilizes your entire workforce Combine scheduling, payroll, compliance, and employee engagement essentials in one platform. Saber más sobre TimeGate
Kalena is a software that assists businesses with the management and reservation of meeting rooms, workspaces and desks, parking spaces, and corporate resources. Users can handle bookings by integrating calendars and view maps with the space occupancy from within a unified interface. Saber más sobre KALENA

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