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Digital workspace & workflow management platform
Citrix Workspace is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses streamline work for employees by offering collaboration across different systems & devices. Key features include endpoint management, session performance tracking, multi-factor authentication, microapp creation, & monitoring. Saber más sobre Citrix Workspace
La plataforma People Engagement®.
Nuevo tipo de intranet de empleados que impulsa el compromiso y la cultura del lugar de trabajo. Logra la participación social de una forma relevante para el trabajo. Las tasas de participación son superiores al 85 %. Saber más sobre Jostle
Herramientas de comunicación interna que llaman la atención de los empleados
SnapComms es una solución de software de comunicaciones para empleados que permite que las organizaciones se comuniquen con sus empleados de manera más eficaz. Saber más sobre SnapComms
Solución empresarial integrada para todas las aplicaciones de negocios.
Basaas es una solución empresarial integrada y basada en la nube para empresas de todo tipo y tamaño. Con Basaas, las empresas pueden combinar individualmente todas las aplicaciones de negocios y consolidarlas en una solución comercial integral y exhaustiva para gestionar flujos de trabajo y usuarios. Saber más sobre Basaas
Paquete gratuito de herramientas de gestión, comunicación y colaboración.
Bitrix24 es una plataforma de colaboración empresarial en línea o autohospedada que proporciona CRM, gestión de documentos, tareas, gestión del tiempo y herramientas de gestión de proyectos. Saber más sobre Bitrix24
Digital Workplace Software
eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution that helps you connect your teams, improve collaboration, empower and reward your workforce. Saber más sobre eXo Platform
Employee intranet & collaborative suite with built-in apps
OnSemble employee intranet & collaborative suite empowers organizations with greater productivity and collaboration Saber más sobre OnSemble Intranet Portal
Plataforma de gestión de redes sociales para empresas y comunicación
Una plataforma de gestión de redes sociales para empresas y comunicación para el lugar de trabajo. Saber más sobre talkspirit
Una aplicación de comunicación móvil para empleados remotos
Beekeeper es una plataforma de comunicación móvil usada para llegar y conectar a todos los miembros de una organización y fomentar su implicación. Saber más sobre Beekeeper
Soluciones de comunicación y colaboración para tu negocio.
La intranet interactiva líder del sector de Jive es la puerta de entrada a los activos más importantes de una organización: el conocimiento y las personas. Saber más sobre Jive
Share information, work smarter, and engage with your people
Claromentis’s intranet software combines enterprise-level collaborative, social & business applications in an integrated digital workspace Saber más sobre Claromentis
Employee app & portal for remote teams
Blink is a complete employee app and portal solution for mobile teams to encourage communication, enhance productivity, and keep everyone informed Saber más sobre Blink
Google intranet social enterprise portal for G Suite users
LumApps is an intranet for G Suite users designed to streamline corporate communication & collaboration, and improve culture sharing & employee experience Saber más sobre LumApps
Enterprise Social Collaboration Software
Communifire is an enterprise social collaboration platform which empowers employees to share ideas & collaborate on content while still retaining control over who can do & see what. Everything a group needs is in one place with updates on all groups coming to users in one place too. Saber más sobre Communifire
Mobile-first employee communication for large organisations
Staffbase is a employee communication platform for internal communications in large and distributed organizations. It is built for effective internal communication with a maximum of reach and relevance. The platform can easily be extended into a nimble, user friendly Mobile Intranet. Saber más sobre Staffbase
Plataforma de voluntariado corporativo e implicación del empleado
InvolveSoft es una plataforma de voluntariado corporativo que ayuda a agilizar el compromiso y el éxito con programas como voluntariado, capacitación en liderazgo, encuestas y más. Saber más sobre InvolveSoft
A digital experience cloud to unite your enterprise
Unily's Digital Experience Cloud is an award-winning digital experience platform that empowers modern businesses with the best tools to communicate, collaborate and innovate. Saber más sobre Unily
Intranet software for organizations with distributed teams
Interact is an intranet software which helps organizations with distributed teams connect, communicate, & collaborate using calendars, forums, ideas, questions & voting, & more. Integrations with apps like Slack, Trello, Dropbox, & Google Drive serve to streamline the user-workflow. Saber más sobre Interact
Intranet & collaboration platform
Twine is a cloud-based intranet & collaboration platform which offers forums, polls & surveys, news & blogs, instant messaging, calendars, file manager, & more Saber más sobre Twine
Meeting room reservation system
Roomzilla is a meeting room reservation system which integrates with calendar systems like Google, Outlook, Office 365 & Exchange to help users schedule & manage their office space, including conference rooms & office equipment. Roomzilla supports API integration, reports, an approval queue, & more. Saber más sobre Roomzilla
Adaptive online workspace on top of Office365 & RemoteApps
Workspace 365 is a digital workplace which provides teams with a centralized platform to collaborate and work on projects. The system allows administrators to combine existing business applications into a single interface, and provides intranet widgets, role-based access, single sign-on, and more. Saber más sobre Workspace 365
Virtual office for real-time collaboration
Walkabout Workplace is a digital space, similar to a virtual office, where team members around the world can collaborate and connect in an office setting. Designed for remote workers, the platform enables teams to host online meetings, voice conference calls, and group discussions. Saber más sobre Walkabout Workplace
Digital workplace, intranet, and extranet development
Intrexx is a low-code development platform which allows businesses to create online solutions for intranet, extranet, or digital workplaces with minimal coding experience. It offers modules for application creation, process control, user management, design, software integration & tool management. Saber más sobre Intrexx
Knowledge management solution for businesses
Panviva is a knowledge management platform designed to help organizations enhance the customer experience by delivering information in real-time via a centralized knowledge-base. Key features include content authoring, multi-channel distribution, natural language interactions, and version control. Saber más sobre Panviva
Cloud-based clinical trial management solution
Pristima, by Xybion, is a cloud-based clinical trial management solution that helps businesses in the healthcare industry capture, process, and record preclinical data. The centralized platform enables administrators to grant access to specific users to prevent unauthorized data breaches. Saber más sobre Pristima
Your smart assistant for the workplace
Enterprise app that uses AI to understand spoken commands & proactively sends you relevant Cards, while offering an enterprise-wide Search. Saber más sobre Digital Assistant
Lugar de trabajo digital para empresas y organizaciones
Lugar de trabajo digital para que tu empresa u organización administre de manera eficiente tu comunicación, colaboración, proyectos, documentos, conocimientos y más. Saber más sobre Jamespot
Integrated intranet, portal, collaboration & directory
Invotra's Intranet is a customizable digital workplace which is designed to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and information management Saber más sobre Invotra Intranet
Conference Room Scheduling, Desk Booking, Maps and Analytics
Robin is a cloud-based office scheduling software designed to help users book meeting rooms, find desks, and move around the office with tools such as calendar integrations, a scheduling web dashboard, browser & Outlook plugins, analytics, iPad & Android apps, and more Saber más sobre Robin
Digital workplace solution for businesses of all sizes
Powell 365 is an intranet solution, which helps businesses manage processes related to communication between teams and coworkers in the digital workplace. It lets users handle collaboration by providing access to company information, business applications, and corporate documents. Saber más sobre Powell 365
Employee onboarding for human resource teams
FastrackOnboard is cloud-based platform designed to help small to large businesses streamline and manage the entire hiring and onboarding process for employees. The centralized platform allows users to maintain labor compliance across deal turnovers and other contingent liabilities. Saber más sobre FastrackOnboard